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What time is your worship service on Sunday?

Together Worship happens each Sunday at 10:15am in our Worship Center - the big square shaped building with all the stained glass around it.


What could we expect when we walk into the building?

As you arrive for Together Worship, you should be greeted by some friendly faces from Heritage who will shake your hand and offer you a Communication Guide, telling you about the various activities going on at the time.  As you come into the worship center to take a seat, you’ll likely hear some music in the background and hopefully experience a bunch of folks speaking to one another and enjoying being together on a Sunday morning.  The pre-service time is also good for reading the information in the Communication Guide.  At 10:15am, we’ll begin to Engage, Encounter and Experience.


What do you mean by Engage, Encounter and Experience?

These three words capture our vision for you and everyone else who attends Together Worship.  We encourage each person to:

  • ENGAGE wholeheartedly with worship
  • ENCOUNTER God in worship
  • EXPERIENCE life change through worship

The Worship Ministry of Heritage encourages you to fulfill one of your life purposes intended by your Creator – to worship God will all of your being, expressed in your daily life and shared with others through worship events.

At Heritage, we provide life-changing and life-enriching experiences of worship each Sunday morning, where we desire for you to Engage, Encounter and Experience.  The content of our worship service is God-focused, because it truly is all about Him.  We utilize a variety of mediums to worship God and to communicate Biblical Truth – video, music, drama, real-life stories and more.


Why the name Together Worship?

Our Sunday morning worship service is called Together Worship because our worship service is all generations of worshipers, using all genres of music, coming all together in a service of worship that’s all about God.  We are excited about how Together Worship is bringing our church family together in body, heart and voice to Engage, Encounter and Experience. It happens each Sunday at 10:15am, following our 9:00am Sunday School (Bible Study) hour.


What kind of music do you have in Together Worship?

We use a variety of music styles in Together Worship.  We like to say that our worship services include the best of the past and the best of the present.  This music is expressed through the singing of the entire gathering of worshippers, through our choir ministry and soloists and with a variety of instruments – piano, keyboard, drums, guitars, brass and woodwind.  Music is an important part of Together Worship but it’s not the only way people engage wholeheartedly, encounter God and experience life change.   Yet when we offer our music in worship to God, we want it to be with excellence and from grateful hearts.  We want it to exalt and glorify Jesus and not us. We want it to speak truth about God.  We want it to minister to the soul.  We want it to be a catalyst for life change.