Inside the Family Life Center

 Schedule & Fees

At Heritage, we believe in growing spiritually, socially and physically. In our Family Life Center, you will find a weight room, walking track and a basketball court. We offer the following in our Family Life Center (FLC):


Sit and Sew

The Sit and Sew group meets the first Tuesday of the month in FLC Room 11 and 12 at 9:30am until early afternoon. Bring a sack lunch, your sewing machine and whatever you are interested in working on. Sometimes we sew on our own UFO's (unfinished objects) and sometimes someone will teach new projects/ideas. For details and supply lists contact Sandi Gandy at 399.1742. It is a fun time to spend with other ladies with similar interests and to have a dedicated time to work on your projects.



Faith based Yoga class that focuses on stretching and meditating on God's word and work. CAYA is led by Amy Glenn and meets every Monday at 5:30pm in FLC Room 10 and 11.



Intermediate fitness class that focuses on wide of variety of exercise from stability ball, light weight lifting and cardio. Sculpt is led by Sherry Luna and is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm in the Senior Center.


F3 Bootcamp

F3 Bootcamp (Fellowship, Fitness & Faith) meets in the Family Life Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We now offer two sessions: the morning session meets from 6:00 - 6:30am and the lunch session meets from 11:30am - 12:00pm.  F3 Bootcamp is $75 a month (Heritage members will receive a $25 discount) which includes four weeks of camps for a total of eight sessions.  For more information or to register please email Nanci at nancipt@hbcm.net.


Soul-Fit 4 Seniors (Beginner & Intermediate)

Beginners Fitness Class 4 Seniors.  Exercise in this class will touch on these specific categories: chair exercises, balance exercises, stretching, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and light resistance training with dumbbells.  All exercises can be preformed seated or standing.  Soul-Fit 4 Seniors is led by Nanci Berch and meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:15am on Court A of the FLC Gym Floor.

Intermediate Fitness Class 4 Seniors. Exercise in this class ranges from floor mat stretching, light weight dumbbells, battling rope and stability ball. Soul-Fit 4 Seniors is led by Nanci Berch and meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30am on Court A of the FLC Gym Floor.


Personal Training

Personal training or as we like to call it PT.  Are you interested in ramping up your commitment to becoming more fit and healthy?  Do you need that extra voice telling you that you can do it?  Full time Physical Trainer, Nanci Berch is on campus to help you in that process.  Contact Nanci in the FLC to set up an appointment.