An All-Inclusive Ministry to Men






A Journeyman is a man who has identified himself through Bible study, worship and service. He accepts the responsibility of being on a journey to grow in Christ as a disciple and discipling other men.


Mission Statement

Disciple Every Man, Leaving No Man Left Behind!

Journeymen love and glorify God by:

  • Reaching men for Christ
  • Relating to one another through God's Word, fellowship and service
  • Raising up men by equipping, encouraging and challenging men to be effective leaders at home, at work, in the church and in the world.


Fishing Hook

The fish hook is a symbol that comes from Matthew 4:19 where Jesus was calling His disciples to come, follow Him and become fishers of men. The shape of the hook is from the "Just Do It" concept. From that we developed "Just Follow". As fishers of men, we are committed to looking inward and evaluating how we are being discipled. We are also committed to looking outward at every man and discovering if he is being discipled, then offering each man the next best step in the journey of being a growing disciple, a Journeyman.