What is LifeStones?

At Heritage, we partner with parents to guide their child toward a life changing relationship with Christ through LifeStones.  LifeStones is a lifelong, intentional process of spiritual development marked by milestones of measurable spiritual growth.  Through out the year we host parent seminars and a parent summit to equip parents in accomplishing three target actions:

  • Life Talks : An intentional faith development experience used by parents to guide their children toward life change; a family devotion
  • God Moments : Informal ways for parents to speak and model truth; reclaiming the daily circumstances of life as opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Family Celebrations : A specific LifeStone commemoration in the home; these unique events are planned and celebrated by families as they progress through the LifeStone process

Church and home can accomplish more together than either of us could do alone. LifeStones provides a common path for parents and teachers to help preschoolers, children and students grow spiritually.


The LifeStones

LifeStone 1 - Parent/Child Dedication

This LifeStone prepares parents to the be primary faith trainers for their children. Parents completing this Lifestone can participate in a Parent/Child Dedication event during our worship service.


LifeStone 2 - First Grade Bibles

This LifeStone prepares parents to be the protector and nurturer for their preschoolers as they take their first steps toward faith.  During this LifeStone, first graders are presented Bibles upon completion of kindergarten.


LifeStone 3 - Faith Commitment

This LifeStone prepares parents to be teachers instructing their children in the basic tenants of the Christian faith prayerfully culminating in the child's repentance of personal sin, expression of faith in Jesus and participation in baptism.


LifeStone 4 - Preteen Passage

This LifeStone prepares parents to be mentors guiding the child through his or her exploration of personal identity, participation in spiritual disciplines and preparation for teenage years.  During this LifeStone, preteens can participate in a 4th-6th grade Retreat.