Adult Ministry

At Heritage, we believe in providing ministry opportunities for adults of all ages and in every season of life.  No matter where you are in the journey, there is a place for you at Heritage.  As an adult, it is our desire to connect you to relationships, guide you through spiritual transformation and engage you in ministry.  We accomplish this through Bible Study groups, Greenhouse, Men’s/Women’s events, mission experiences as well as church service opportunities.  Different seasons of life bring different needs for adults and that is why we lead adults into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ in 3 phases:


Young Adults

As adults are beginning a career, perhaps getting married or even growing their family, young adults have a need for relationships with others who are on the same path.  Young Adult Ministry at Heritage is designed to connect and strengthen these relationships for the long haul.  To meet a need for personal growth, Heritage offers opportunities for young adults to grow spiritually, forming a biblical worldview, leading their family and being a light in the world around them.  While developing ownership in the life of their church and using their God-given talents and abilities is important to young adults, it is a priority at Heritage to help young adults discover on-going opportunities in which to serve at Heritage whether that be through greeting guests, to leading kids, or singing in worship choir.


Median Adults

As adults with older children, teenagers or an empty nest, median adults have a need for relationships as they may be discovering that they have a little more time for them.  Median Adult Ministry at Heritage is patterned to connect  and strengthen these relationships for life in this season.  Also being a time when adults begin understand loss of loved ones, these meaningful relationships provide support and care through those moments. Heritage offers opportunities for median adults to focus on their own spiritual growth, developing their biblical worldview, leading older children and being a light in the world around them.  Understanding their need to serve in on-going opportunities within the life of the church, Heritage is committed to helping median adults find those opportunities to use their talents in various church ministries.


Senior Adults

As adults who are nearing retirement or are already retired, senior adults have a need for relationships and have more time for them.  Senior Adult Ministry at Heritage is crafted to provide meaningful relationships for years to come.  As a phase of life when adults experience sickness and the loss of loved ones becomes so real, relationships are key in providing support and care through and beyond these times.  Because aging adults are not finished growing and learning to follow Christ, Heritage offers opportunities for Senior Adults to continue to grow spiritually, care for others, strengthen their biblical worldview and act as a voice of hope in the world around them.  With more time to give, Senior Adults are valuable to Heritage as they continue to use their gifts and talents to serve in various ministries within the life of the church and in the community.