All Adult classes are located in the main building and the Family Life Center (FLC).


BOOK BY BOOK  (20’s and up) | FLC 23

Phil Coleman, Ronnie Ervin, Terry & Ellen Hathcote

This is a discussion led group, who will be studying the Bible methodically, chapter by chapter and Book by Book. They will focus on Biblical truth, historical points and practical application to life.


NXT [pronounced as “Next”]  (25’s - 35’s)  | FLC 13

Hunter & Bethany Brendle, Pat & Kelli Till

NXT is a group of single/engaged/married, 25-35 year olds, who are looking to grow together in how to follow Christ through their career,church involvement, family and life.  The focus of this group is on “what is NEXT” after the college years.  We strive to seek God and His planas we move forward with His guidance for our lives through engagement with the Bible, friendship with one another and asking thosetough life questions.


Generation  (20’s/30’s COUPLES) | Room 127

Jeff King

The Generation group is made up of couples who are right in the midst of the busy life of marriage, parenting, career and church involvement.  Because of similar life experiences, this group enjoys being together each week to refresh and refuel.  Through a variety of Bible study and spiritual growth topics, their primary focus is God’s plan for marriages and families.


Unity  (30’s/40’s) | FLC 25

Charles Duffee

Unity is a group of couples and singles, some who are parents and some who are not.  This group shares life together while praying for and meeting the needs of one another.  Through applying the Bible to life, these adults take part each Sunday in group discussion, growing in relationship with God and each other.


Horizons (SPECIAL NEEDS) | Room 123

Horizons Teaching Team

The Horizons group was created especially for adults with special needs.  This group exists as a ministry to these adults as most of them are transported to and from each week by a team of amazing adult volunteers.  Through, interactive biblical lessons each week and occasional retreats and events, these adults are leaning the truths of scripture and applying them right where they are in life.  Click here for more information and volunteer opportunities.


Encouragers  (40’s/50’s) | Room 111

Charles Dickey, Wayne Hooks, Scott Overby

The Encouragers group is eager to learn, apply and discuss the truths of scripture as they meet together each week.  This fun, dedicated group of couples and singles is very active in ministry church-wide and in caring for the needs of those within their group family.  Because of their passion for reaching the community and beyond for Christ, this group is very active in mission projects, events and trips.


Joy Builders  (40’s/50’s) | Room 113

Jim Tuley, J.C. Nichols, Joe Elrod

The Joy Builders group is a cross generational group that loves the Lord.  This group has a passion for sharing God’s message through mission projects with the community, leading in mission trips across borders along with fellowships and Bible study within the group.  Joy Builders are eager and willing to do what it takes to build the Kingdom of God.


Sister Sharpeners  (40’s/50’s Women) | FLC 26

Dot Robinson

Sister Sharpeners is made up of women of all ages, stages and phases of life.  Encouraging, challenging and loving each other through prayer, honest sharing and Bible study this group is a small group family of one sister helping another sister.  Proverbs 27:17


AGAPE  (40’s/50’s) | FLC 27

Jan Heier, Luke Frady, Jim McVay

AGAPE is an open, caring, sharing and compassionate group that seeks to share the mind of Christ through meaningful discussions on life applications.  This welcoming group is small but mighty and seeks to be the hands and feet of our Lord by being involved in all areas of ministry at Heritage.


Harvesters  (40’s/50’s) | FLC 11

Sonny Wheat

Harvesters is a group for couples and single adults who serve, encourage, celebrate and love each other through all seasons of life.  Choosing to live out the Biblical truths they study each week by supporting each other and those outside the Harvester group is very important to them.


G.I.F.T.  (50’s) | Room 125

Steve Bailey, Terry Wilson

Growing In Faith Together, the GIFT is a diverse group of empty nesters who enjoy sharing life together and growing in their knowledge and application of God’s Word.  This loving family of adults is committed to caring for and praying for one another as needed and are very active in church life.  Meeting the needs of others in the name of Jesus is a priority for this mission-minded group.


Beacon (60’s) | Room 109

Billy Smith

The Beacon group enjoys life together each week as they study and apply the truths of scripture.  While there are couples and singles in this group, they are very committed to praying for and meeting the needs of one another and their extended families.  These adults are active in church and community ministry and enjoy serving together as a group.


Joyful Servants  (60’s/70’s Women) | Room 108

Patsy Pope, Nelma Ausley

The Joyful Servants are a group of ladies who like to have fun!  While they meet each Sunday morning to grow in relationship with one another and with God, they are truly a family to one another as they spend time together outside of church as well.  Focused on praying for one another and meeting needs, this group is active in Senior Adult ministry and in many other church ministries.


Praise Givers  (60’s/70’s) | FLC 10

 Dot Reed

Praise Givers is a smaller group of adults who enjoy in-depth Bible study together each week.  This group of mostly retired adults is involved in Senior Adult activities and other church ministries.  Ministering to and praying for one another in times of illness, loss or difficult circumstances is a priority for this group.


The Haven  (60’s/70’s) | Room 107

Larry Jones

By definition a haven is a place of shelter and safety; refuge from the storm.  The Haven group strives to be just that.  The Haven group is committed to praying for and supporting many church and community ministries.  They are active in many areas of ministry and leadership at Heritage.


Joyful Hearts (60’s/70’s) | Room 115

Lamar Parker, Don Oswald

The Joyful Hearts are active and enjoying life as Senior Adults.  This larger group of couples and singles enjoys growing in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  With much attention given to their group structure, they are committed to caring for and praying for one another.  As they enjoy being together, this group is involved in get-togethers as well as Senior Adults activities.


Victory Bound  (70’s) | Room 110

Chuck Durham

Victory Bound is a group of mature adults that seek to deepen their faith in God through weekly Bible study.  A group that is encouraging and supportive, the Victory Bound group enjoys the fellowship of one another and working alongside each other in various ministries of the church.


Visions  (70’s/80’s/90’s) | Room 117

Janet Holmes

Visions is a group for adults who are enjoying the empty nester season of life.  The Visions group is actively involved in all areas of church ministry including weekly Bible study together.  In the ups and downs that come with life, this group is always there to take care of another and to love each other.


Faith  (70’s/80’s/90’s) | Room 106

Lee Wright

This group is our most mature adult group who enjoy not only being together each week to study Bible truths and scripture, but enjoy sharing in life with another.  Wise beyond their years, these senior adults are leaders in the church with their examples of faithfulness in serving and in being a part of the different ministries of Heritage.