Join us for our Spring 2018 Greenhouse

February 11 - March 25 | Sunday Nights at 5pm


» The Walk - How to Share Your Story |

Our culture loves to hear a good story.  And whether or not we realize it, we tell stories all the time. Why then is it so scary and intimidating to share our stories about Jesus? Come learn how sharing your story can be part of your daily, ordinary conversation.  

Led by Bro. Teman Knight


» Sleeping Giants |

Men, I’m asking you…NO, calling you to join me!  You were saved by Christ to lead your families and your church.  Are you ready to be challenged?  Are you ready to be changed?  Let’s do this thing…together!

Led by Coach Tuley


» Incredible Marriage |

Marriage is less about the wedding day and more about all of the days that follow.  It is not always easy or fun, but it is INCREDIBLE when God is leading you!  If you are looking for some fun date nights or just a “tune up” come join us for this marriage adventure!

Led by Sonny & Janet Wheat


» Looking for Lovely |

Ladies, are you weary from the journey or exhausted by the stressors in life?  Is it hard to find loveliness in your circumstances?  Let’s look together at the ordinary people in the Bible and discover that God makes everything beautiful in His time.

Led by Tamira Quattlebaum


» Selfie |

Social media dominates our culture’s conversations.  We take our selfies and wait for likes.  But what does that do for us?  How can we encourage each other and our kids?  Come learn how to leverage Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for good.

Led by Jeremy Dickey



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