We are so excited about Greenhouse this Spring. This is part of our discipleship ministry and hope that you will join us at 5pm beginning Sunday, February 21 and concluding April 24. We have 5 different studies including:

#1--"Discerning the Voice of God"--a woman's study--have you ever wanted to hear God's voice more clearly?...this study helps you to study God's Word more fervently and know His Voice more clearly

#2--"Stuck"--a woman's study that looks at the places and ruts that we get stuck in life and how God can set us free

#3--3 Things to Hang Your Hat On--This is a men's study that will be led by coaches who will be sharing key points of insight that will inspire you in life as you grow spiritually 

#4--GAP--this is a two part series where the first part will focus on Grandparents as Parents--looking at the sacred work of grandparents raising grandchildren. While the second part will focus on individual needs as you think through for yourself or have conversations with those who are trying to plan: estate planning, funeral planning, future planning, hospice care planning.

#5--Apologetics--This study will read through 2 books in discussion of our purpose and privilege in serving God. In the first book "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger" we will examine the deeper questions of faith about God and the world (where does evil come from...is Jesus really the only way to heaven, etc.). The second book is the classic called "In His Steps" where we will look at how God can use you to impact those around you right where you are. Will you let Him?

Come join us in Greenhouse as we grow together in our devotion to Christ! Contact Brian Smith for questions.